Prox. Expo. Works on Paper , Co-Curator:Pedro Vizcaino, Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, September 13. 7-10pm Sept 13 – Oct 6, 2013




Alexandras Art 954 presents:


Co-Curator:Pedro Vizcaino
Catalog available

When:Opening Reception: September 13.  7-10pm
          Sept 13 – Oct 6,2013
Where:Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center
          111 SW 5th Avenue

Sponsored By:VistaFarms.s.e.
                    Jerome J O’Neill 
                     tel (787) 837-9077  
   » Works on Paper « 
The  » Works on Paper » exhibit aims to establish and offer a general
vision of the importance and variety of the art of Drawing in the Contemporary Cuban Art
15 or 24 comtemporary cuban artists will participate in this exhibit.
Some emerging,some established.With their drawings,they approach
non-conventional ways and show us their accomplishments in this art.
What is the definition of Drawing? Drawing is the most basic form of human expression.
In the present,drawing  is also a searching and discovering place.
The artists use diferent  techniques and materials,according to the their personal frame of mind.As a result,there is a whole variety of possibilities,  different media that open new fields for Drawing.
And  » Works on Paper » intends to showcase a variety of subjects:maternity,
humanism,loneliness,sex,landscape,feminity…Many facets of life will be present in the exhibit.
Luis Cruz Azaceta                Robaldo Rodriguez
Jose Bedia                           Fernando Garcia
Aurora Molina                       Carlos Garcia de la Nuez
Lourdes Porrata                   Reinero Marin
Ana Mendieta                       Eudaldo Crespo
Pedro Vizcaino                    Yampier sardinas
Adriano Buergo                    Laura Rodriguez
Pablo Cano
Carlos Alfonzo
Margarita Garcia
Ana Albertina Delgado
Teresa Ortiz
Margarita Cano
Nestor Arenas
Juan Damas
Carlos Estevez
Alexander Arrechea
Jose franco
Gustavo Acosta
Ernesto Capdevila
Ciro Quintana
Cesar Trasobares

Ahmed Gomez

0113_1400NULB copie
« La procesión »

30″ x 30″, bic.
Margarita García Alonso
Foto: Laurent Bréard

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