Featured Collection: Spotlight on France SAATCHI LONDRES

colec saatchi

Featured Collection: Spotlight on France


Curated by Rebecca Wilson
London, United Kingdom

Rebecca Wilson is a Director at the Saatchi Gallery, London. In May 2006 she brought her expertise from 14 years in book and art magazine publishing to the Saatchi Gallery, where she was instrumental in the launch of the gallery’s online presence. In 2007 she created New Sensations, a prize for art students which identifies and supports the most exciting emerging artists. The prize is run in the UK with Channel 4. Prior to joining The Saatchi Gallery, Rebecca was editor of ArtReview, and before that deputy editor of Modern Painters. [less]




Most people would think that whatever praise I shower upon the work of Margarita Garcia Alonso is purely affected by our friendship, and that is incorrect. We have an immense bond, which has had its great and not so great moments like all relationships. Yet she has proven to be there right by my side when I’ve needed her most, and then other times when she has pulled my ears and told me I was wrong for doing this or that. Or the times when she has corrected my writings, given advice, or given me the gift of offering her amazing work for one of my projects.
Today, I am presenting to you her work, which climbs higher and higher on a daily basis. This morning she sent me a message with this link, and I am jumping in my seat with delight. I am a fan of her work, and have been a fan since we met. To describe the work of this amazing artist would take more than one paragraph. It would take hours to dissect the many roads she takes to give us a glimpse of what’s stored in her deepest shelves.
It is with great pleasure that I introduce the work of the talented Margarita Garcia Alonso, which is now available thru the prestigious Saatchi Gallery Online.

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